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​The characters invented by Future Performance are coming right from the future and will take your audience on a journey far away from everyday’s life. Our artists such as Evil Riders, Tron Obsession, and True Dreams embody a whole fantasy world. 

There is no need to watch dancing circus bears if you can enjoy a robot moving!

Our giant characters made of metal exert a magical attraction. They carry CO2-canon blasters as weapons and envelope your guests in a subtle cooling haze.

Our robots perform your individual show upon request we design bespoke concepts according to your individual requirements, which are performed by our robots.

Upon request the characters can tell your story and are able to beam the message behind your products onto their costumes in fluorescent letters.



Well known in movies like‚ 'Ironman‘, Entity Objects with familiar faces are entering the stage. ​These characters turn your stage into futuristic scenery. Our luminous add shimmering accents to your show. Passionate red or cool blue: The costumes can be illuminated in different colors and are brighting and flashing with different special effects.




How fast does light travel and how intense can colors be? Our Evil Riders have the answer. Their sphere is the night – only in entire darkness our LED dancers will reveal their full luminosity.

Evil Riders: The name keeps its promise. Light effects in full spectra amazes, delights and fascinates your audience. Our transformable costumes create surprising moments during the entire show. Our dancers wear LED-equipped costumes. They are as transformable as a chameleon and are able to display in 16,7 million different colors. Red, green and blue are the basic colors of our glowing costumes.

Do you want to fascinate your audience by means of flashing lights or do you want colors to merge harmoniously into each other? You’ve got the choice.

The lights beam to the rhythm of the music; automatically speed-controlled lights are flashing to the beat and getting brighter or darker.  Music, colors, movements, everything becomes one and is perfectly aligned with the music.   


Our LED-dancers wear your message on their costumes. We are able to project any writings, logos or advertising slogans on our costumes.

Our Evil Riders are controlled by simply pressing a button: All costumes are remote-controlled and can be coordinated while maintaining their diverse features. Dance or

walk-act, our LED-dancers perform according to your individual request.



Our Tron-artists have a high level of recognition, since they are well-known characters in the movie “Tron Legacy”. They will stay in the audience’s mind. Our Tron-dancers are coming from the screen right to your stage. As in the movie, boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred. Single-colored full-body costumes will transform our glowing dancers into futuristic robots.


Their single-coloured costumes glow in blue or white. The flashing lights shine during any kind of music and unify to a unique show on any scenario. The glowing effects of our high-tech-costumes hit the nerve of the audience and make an aesthetical performance in a mixture of colors, light and music. Our Tron-artists create new virtual worlds on your stage. Their formidable appearance will stay in the audience’s mind.


By using a multi-colored spectrum and LED-lights our characters add blazing highlights to your show. In this mixture of light and illusion the contrast between brightness and darkness will reach its peak. LED-shows are the highlight of every event: for creative product launches or in order to create memorable events for customers or staff members. This visual spectacle run synchronously with the music and resembles an adventurous journey involving all senses. Your corporate logo or trademark can be put into the spotlight by means of light and LED. It’s our show, but the attention is all yours!

All costumes worn by Future Performance artists are handmade with a possibility for changes as well as adaptions for each show. Furthermore the artists may wear corporate logo or trademark on their costumes. We are continuously designing new costumes in order to convey our futuristic motto to the audience.

CO2-canon blasters
Our characters use cryo-effects in order to delight your audience. Fog fountains create surprising moments und have an additional cooling effect on the buzzing crowd.

Pyrotechnic-driven effects

We make colors blaze, light and flames explode. We bring fireworks and pyrotechnic-driven effects onto your stage.

Laser canon blasters create a memorable show and are contributing to the Laser Show.    

Shoots with gas ever. customizable 8m - 12m high/far. Filled with slowly falling confetti foil.

Effect launcher

Sudden, trickle almost 4.5 meters high output of colored paper disks, which subsequently ground to about 15 sec.

Corporate Design: Advertising robot mediums for your company


Your message conveyed by creatures from the future: there is no better omen of success, is it? Our robots are wearing your message or corporate logo on their costumes. Hence, they are able to combine an exciting product presentation with a stunning show act. At your event our futuristic characters are advertising mediums who communicate your corporate message.

If you are seeking further advice on how to bring your event into reality please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to tell the story behind your product. With our show act you will be more effective and efficient than by providing sober information! Ideas need artists and the media in order to be recognized: Let a robot convey your product message!

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