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Once a year every enterprise should invite its staff members, business partners and customers to a joint event or incentive. This will foster the team spirit as well as external business relations, in order to unify commonly shared experiences.

Clowns juggling with plates or singing waiters don't leave a long lasting impression. Offer your staff and partners an impressive and unique show, which they indeed will remember and keep in mind for years. Our futuristic characters are magnets that motivate your participants. 

Future Performance’s Incentives

Whatever the aim of your event, shall it be motivation, communication or information: We offer tailored incentives to suit any occasion. During our show your company will be moved into the spotlight. Upon request our characters can beam the message behind your products onto their costumes in fluorescent letters.

Elaborately worked costumes transform the artists into Evil Riders, Tron Obsession and Entity Objects, who turn the stage into a futuristic scenery by means of pyro fountains and CO2-canon blasters. This event will strengthen business relations as well as your staff`s loyalty. Maybe your next incentive will be the annual highlight in your corporate history?

Future Performance show planning agency organizes corporate event and incentives shows according to your requirement.

Our (diverse product portfolio) Evil Riders, Tron Obsession, Entity Objects instill new fresh energy in your participants’ minds Fireworks, LED- and fog applications make it a supernatural experience for all participants. This experience creates a new basis for long-term cooperation and lead to a higher level of economic success.

Incentives for Meetings and Conventions


In the future there won’t be any poorly organized incentives, since market development and innovation is forcing each company to follow current trends. We have the expertise to completely organize your next corporate show according your individual requests. We will perform a unique entertainment! How about staging your corporate history by using pyrotechnics and CO2-canon blasters? The success of such an incentive might be higher than expected:

Participants will talk about the show arranged by Future Performance for years. At the same time your enterprise will stay in mind! Announce your incentive in your invitation and no one will turn it down in the future.

Your staff and business partners will be moved by our perfectly costumed artists, our pyrotechnics as well as our LED- and fog applications. With our show we will exceed your expectations!

We make the most out of your:
* Company Launches/Openings
* Corporate Events
* Meetings
* Conferences
* Conventioni


Do you want to delight your customers at your exhibition booth?
Do you want to make passing visitors stop and watch?
Would you like to supply information and raise interest at the same time?


Before the exhibition or fair starts organizers are always confronted with the question of how to make visitors stop at the booth and how they can be inspired by products and services. In order to reach that aim you need to provide some magical attraction: how about a futuristic creature made of metal, drawing a crowd on your exhibition?

Future Performance transforms any kind of fashion show, exhibition and fair onto a futuristic happening. We bring exhibition performances into large and medium-sized stages.

Crowds on every booth: performances by Future Performance

Networking between companies and customers is most important on fairs.
We elaborate show concepts and put the spotlight onto your products and services, not only during the exhibition, but also during the following evening event or get-together, our LED-artists draw the audience’s attraction and will guarantee a sustainable experience.

Special effects: On request our characters can beam the message behind your products onto their costumes in fluorescent letters. This helps achieving a high level of recognition and establishes a direct relationship with products.

Accompanied by fireworks, lasers and fog applications created by CO2-canon blasters, our characters will turn your exhibition hall into futuristic scenery, which enhances a unique selling proposition at the same time!

Book our future characters for your exhibition/fair and you will have crowds of people at your booth.

Exhibition Show: Unforgettable impressions

It is not only the impression of the product, which customers take home, but also the impressions of the show. Our agency stages sustainable shows and performances. Futuristic characters such as Evil Riders, Tron Obsession and Entity Objects reanimate the exhibition hall. Our metal characters will amaze your audience by arousing emotions and tickling fantasies. With our show performance you make sure that your exhibition is successful.

Our show clearly is different from the competition. Further highlights created by CO2-canon-blasters, fireworks and lasers make the most out of your exhibition show.

Visual communication furthermore makes your booth the center of attraction.

Exhibition Shows- Your advantages

Our robots indeed exert a magical attraction on your visitors. Future Performance plans shows and designs show concepts, which are individually customized. They also tell the story behind your products.

Your customers are given the chance to thoroughly get to know your company and products at your booth. The exhibition show will be an emotional experience that unifies and stays in mind. Enchant your audience and let them be captivated by their own curiosity!

Good entertainment and enthusiasm increase consumer willingness. Exhibitions are an excellent platform for networking and of course for exhibitors to personally get in touch with their customers. By combining a show event with a product presentation we make your exhibition a success!

Our exhibition show builds a bridge between you and your customers!
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