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When was the last time you saw a really fascinating show, one you could remember for a long time?

Future Performance entertainment agency does not organize off-the-peg shows; we stage customized show programs with LED- or fluorescent costumes, CO2 canon blasters, pyrotechnics and lasers to suit occasions like corporate designs, exhibitions, large-scale venues etc.


Evil Riders, Tron Obsession & Entity Object are taken a long way from the future to visit to your company, booth or entertainment venue.

Our showagency makes sure that you and your guests can lay back and fully enjoy a memorable event. We have the expertise to professionally bring your individual concept to reality at any place in the whole world.

Do you want to experience the world of tomorrow today? Evil RIders characters thrill your audience in different programs by using state-of the art light applications and special effects in order to create stunning light reflexes and LED-shows. Our Evil Riders, Tron Obsession & Entity Objects as well as further future oriented surprising characters take your guests on a fanciful journey and make it an unforgettable experience for all senses.

Stunning attraction for your event !

Our aim as an entertainment planning agency is to bring the extraordinary on to stage – stories, pictures, visions and dreams. Disguised in fanciful costumes and with futuristic effect lighting, our characters can convey your personal message. Future Performance agency is specialized in providing your show with suitable costumes and artists all over the world.

​We are pleased to offer you our advice on how to organize a perfect show for your individual event.

Are you looking for a memorable experience for your guests?

Your audience will be moved by our futuristic characters. These are able to motivate and convince the audience, while perfectly entertain at the same time.

Future Performance entertainment agency stages the show that suits you the most! But it is your concept and your ideas, which are conveyed in our show. We are able to communicate your message to any possible audience.

If you are looking for an extraordinary show planning agency, you finally found it!

Our service

Are you planning to hire a singing DJ for your event? Hire us instead! Inside your premises we will create a new world of light and fantasy, we add a new dimension

to everyday`s life. We start where others stop! As an show planning agency we bring light and flames onto your stage and realize your visions by means of fog applications and CO2-guns.

The whole show is perfectly aligned with your individual requirement. We create a surprising moment for your guests on occasions such as corporate events and exhibitions. Do you want to tell your own story? Let our future artists tell it!

​The main competence of Future Performance: quality entertainment, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred.

At the very the end you are the one to decide: Human being or machine?

Services rendered by Future Performance entertainment planning agency:

Future Performance stages fanciful shows using giant characters, effect lighting, CO2 cryo canon blasters (also known as cryo gun or cryo jet) as well as all kinds of fireworks all over the world:

We are:
+ Staging Shows with different flashing/glowing costumes such as LED including stunning show-effects
+ performing standardized programs or
+ staging your corporate history

If you are planning a memorable show, let Future Performance show planning agency organize your main program.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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