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​Future Performance Show Planning Agency
Customized LED - Shows for your individual event

There is a special fascination of light: Life derives from light; light illuminates dark spaces and is cited in many sayings.

Future Performance Show Planning Agency organizes spectacular events and LED-Shows, all referring to the most popular citation of this theme: “Let there be light!“.

LED-Shows: Let there be light!

LED-Shows created by the Entertainment Planning Agency Future Performance add creative impulses to your events.  On occasions like exhibition shows, gala evenings, corporate events or incentives: During our LED-Shows the robots conquer the stage revealing their independent glooming existence. Equipped with LED-lights our robots convey the message behind you product or trademark and perform an entertaining show.

During our LED dance not only the robots move to the beat of the music, but also the lights respond to the music. In our LED- Performance the virtual world becomes one with the real world- a unique experience which leaves a long lasting impression on your visitors.

LED- Shows for product launches


Our LED- Shows spark enthusiasm in your audience and your product will be presented in a catchy and memorable way. With the LED- dance entertainment created by Future Performance the attention of potential or new customers is all yours!

Our LED entertainment are perfectly suited to present new products to a broad audience as well as to increase brand recognition. With our adaptable costumes we can shape our.  LED dancer towards any of your individual requests.

We can beam individual logos or slogans/messages onto the costumes of our Evil Riders, which will be the center of attraction. On special request our robots may bring special effects onto the stay by using CO2-canon blasters, pyrotechnics and lasers.

Fututre Performance and LED Dance Performances

Future Performance provides you with the entire organization of your LED – dance perfomance. Every show performance is unique: we do not have off-the rack or standardized concepts. Our LED shows perfectly harmonize with your particular product and your product message. Your customized LED dance entertainment will be as unique as your product.
Future Performance uses light as a selling medium for your products. There are no boundaries for light regarding age or language. Therefore our showagency does not only perform within Germany but also abroad. In this way you will be able to reach a broad audience no matter of what age your target group is.

Our LED-Shows create amazing highlights on all kinds of events and will be a memorable and sustainable experience for your guests.

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